Someone put an Estimote beacon on my car... without my knowledge or permission

I have no idea why, but someone put a beacon on my car. I had never heard of Estimote or beacons prior to finding it and then figuring out what it was/is.

Can someone please help me understand how this could be used in a nefarious manner that might be a safety/security concern for me?

Also is there any way for me to find out who did this? I am considering going to the police but still not sure what could be the reason for doing this to someone.

Thanks in advance for any help or thoughts you might have about this.

Sorry to hear about that. There’s no need to worry—you can simply remove the beacon, and dispose of it like you would any other electronic device (there’s battery inside, so please mind the environment and don’t just throw it into the trash).

The beacon while active acts like an actual beacon, but instead of radiating light signals, it radiates Bluetooth signals. Technically, if the owner wrote themselves an app to receive the signals from that beacon, they can detect when your car is near them—beacons have max range of about 70 m.