Beacon on car rear window

Hi there

I need to identify a person through a mobile application when he/she enters and leaves a car. I searched the internet and a connection with a permanent installed BLE device seems to me to be the best fit (it should be as small as possible so only the Estimote stickers would be possible). Though I’m not sure if it’s possible to accomplish that with a Beacon. I’d be very happy if someone could answer me the following questions:

  • The Beacons have to be placed on the rear window underneath a sticker. Can the Estimote stickers handle this e.g. are they weatherproof?
  • Is the signal strong enough to reach the driver and can a connection be kept alive while driving?

Thanks in advance for an answer!

Hi Damian,

first, you would interest to the monitoring technology, it is what you need.
About the resistance, we will wait for the answer of an Estimote member ^^
In my opinion, the signal will be retrievable while driving, if you locate the beacon more in the front of the car. You can also set the settings of your beacon like the signal strength, or the Motion UUID technology…

We don’t have formal IP certification for Stickers, so can’t say for 100% sure, especially for situations like completely submerging them in water—but as far as we tested them internally, they withstand rain just fine.

Signal strength—it’s tricky with cars, because they’re essentially one big metal-and-glass box, and that blocks the signal pretty well. If you can consider placing the sticker inside the car, that should help a lot. On the outside, it still should work, but I wouldn’t be surprised with short-lived periods when the signal gets lost. As usual, it’s best to try it out in practice and see (: