Doubts about the functionality

We use Estimote beacons in our operations to capture van movements within the facility. The beacon broadcasts a radio signal approximately every 1/10th of a second and our devices detect it when in the zone as per the manual. We have been facing some device detection issues lately and appreciate your support on some queries as below:

  1. If the WiFi network is weak near the building exit, will this affect the devices being detected?
  2. Is the cell phone network an alternative that will be used if WiFI is weak in any area?
  3. Is the signal detection by the device through Bluetooth and not WiFi or Cell network? If yes, assume Bluetooth being turned off will be a cause of the miss.
  4. Does the beacon need to be calibrated from multiple spots or is it done from one spot that is line of sight to the beacon?
    Eg: Calibration at a 25 feet distance ensures the signal is transmitted across a circle with a radius of 25 feet?
  5. Are the signals attenuated by metallic surfaces? Can the signal strength fluctuate if installed on a metallic surface?
  6. If 2 beacons are installed for 2 different functions nearby, would it affect the data being captured?
    Eg: If one beacon is installed to capture the exit time and another to capture the average time taken by the driver to load the packages and suppose both are installed within 25ft, would it affect the beacon’s data capturing ability?
  7. Can we daisy-chain two beacons for better signal transmission and detection by devices?

Thanks and Regards,