Bluetooth Sound Notification

I was not able to determine if any of the Estimote products are currently able to produce sound? Or if there is any device out ther that can do this, roughly aroudn the same size as the Estimote beacons?

I’m trying to have a device that does this for me once you enter a proximity, instead of the phone producing a sound.

Hi @vpnespn,

I’m not sure you will be able to achieve this, because the beacons don’t know that devices are around him. It’s like a lighthouse: it just broadcasts his presence to other devices around (now you understand the name Eddystone).
In reality, the beacon has answers to his broadcasts when monitored (needs verification), but I think the use of such feature is draining battery.

This is a personal opinion, it’s not the TRUTH :wink:

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I don’t think you actually need/want Bluetooth :slight_smile: How about one of those little boxes they have in some mom’n’pop grocery stores, which makes that annoying “eeee-yooo” sound when somebody enters the store, to alert the staff that might be at the back? I think they use infra-red or something for motion detection? Same technology that’s used in the alarm systems I think.

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