New to Beacons: Quick Questions

I have a client that wants to use beacons and I just wanted to clarify somethings, as I am new to the capabilities of beacons.

  1. They want to put a beacon in a car so that when they take the car to a car show people can interact with the beacon. Is this possible? Or do the people at the show have to have their iPhone app?

  2. What are the steps in how a user interacts with a beacon? I’m under the impression that someone without the app, would walk by a beacon and get an alert asking them to download the app and from there they can interact more with the beacon because they downloaded the app.

Or could a user, without an app that we developed, walk by a car, and get an alert on their phone with information about the car, and not have to download anything?

Or can a user not interact with a beacon unless they first download the app?

  1. What is the range per foot for a beacon? And is that the radius or the diameter in every direction?


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There’s a problem with this use case. You see, beacons broadcast Bluetooth waves so a car will block them and act as a Faraday cage. If you want to know more about beacons’ physics read this.

To get signal from beacons you a user need an app and Bluetooth turned on. Without that, a notification won’t be shown, even the one about downloading a specific app. At the beginning you may see this as an obstacle but when you think about it then it’s also a challenge how to attract users to use your app.

Maximum range is 230 ft. in every direction, but also keep in mind that very much depend on the environment. A radio wave are prone to fluctuations.

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we can get a push notification or beacon can send a push notification even if the user doesn’t have the app.
How’s that possible and how to do that ?