Some beacons are not detected by both iOS and Android app

My Beacons are working fine for both android and ios app until 2 weeks ago.
But suddenly its not being detected by either apps(your app, other apps)
I have 6 beacons(2 set). 3 beacons are working still, other 3 beacons aren’t.
working beacons have same UUID. I don’t know UUID for not working beacons.
I think it’s not a battery issue, because all beacon is a new product in last month.
Can someone tell me the reason why it is not being detected?

Can you use a Bluetooth Low Energy scanner (this one for example) and check if you can see all of your beacons, or only the three? Estimote Beacons will show up on the list either as “estimote” or “esti” entries.

I have used a few BLE scanners, and other brand’s beacons.
Scanner apps show all beacon except that 3 beacons.
On many android devices, iPhone series, 3 beacons aren’t visible.

Are there some issue like this?

If they don’t show up on the scanner, it most probably is a battery issue. Email our support at, they’ll assist with troubleshooting and/or fix you a replacement dev kit.

@heypiotr None of my beacons are recognized by Estimote app or alternative apps.
I am waiting for your response.

No worries, just email our support at and they’ll help you change batteries.