Beacon issue - can not detect


I have 7 beacons in my office that we are testing with our system. I am currently using the iOS Estimote application to update the beacons through the remote management process. The application updated the beacon the other day, name change, however today it can not locate the device and push the update. I update all the remaining 6 beacons today however this one still has a problem. I have removed it from its designated location and have it sitting next to the iOS device to try and remove the range factor. Please advise.

Thank you
Anthony Wherry

Do you mean the beacon is not appearing in the app at all? Can you private-message me your Estimote Account name, I’ll check our logs. Can you check if the beacon shows up in the Estimote Android app or in a BLE scanner? (e.g., this one:

same problem here…
we can’t see any beacons in your app on iOS but they appear on android. After we are logged into estimote account on iOS device, all beacons start to appear, but it’s still not resolving our problem as non of our iOS apps receiving any notifications.
With other words, everything is fine on android but not working on iOS. This problem appeared yesterday. Please help us ASAP. Thanks

You can’t see beacons when logged out in the iOS app, but can when you’re logged in, it simply means your beacons have a custom UUID.

On Android, our app can scan for all beacons in range, regardless of their UUID.

On iOS however, the iBeacon API requires apps to know at least the beacons’ UUID before it can detect them. When you’re logged out, we scan for the default UUID all Estimote Beacons ship with. If you change the UUID to a custom one (as you should for deployment), then the app can no longer detect them. However, if you log in, then our app retrieves your custom UUID from your Estimote Account, and then can detect your beacons.

I have 3 beacons ,two beacons are working properly but third beacon could not detect in app as well as estimote app. pls suggest ant solution. Thanks

I have the same issue where 2 beacons are detectable but one isn’t. Is there a way to reset a beacon?

i’m having the same issue … beacons are not detecting properly !!