Set Tx Power of Stickers


I had updated the firmware of my Stickers from 1.0.1 to 1.1.0, so now I could set its txPower.
I understood that I can do that only with Estimote SDK iOS, but is possible to set the txPower with an Examples of the SDK? Or do I have to build an App that make it?

Yes, you can use the Examples app bundled with the SDK:

Just add your App ID and App Token here:

If you don’t yet have one, you can generate yourself a token here:

Once you do this, just build and run the Examples app on your device, and look for the sticker demos at the very bottom of the list. Note: you need to be moving your sticker in order to be able to connect to it.

I have already add my App ID and App Token. I have also already build and run the Examples app on my iPhone. I tried the sticker demos at the bottom of the list, I wrote the txPower, and almoust immediately the App crash.

After I saw on Estimote App that the txPower hasn’t been modified.

Yes, we’re aware of the crash and are working on fixing it. The Tx power should’ve been saved nevertheless. I recommend setting it 4, i.e., the maximum value.

The Estimote app doesn’t yet support stickers firmware 1.1 and configurable settings, and will keep showing you the old value. If you want to verify if the new Tx power was saved to the sticker, just connect to it again via the Examples.

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