Conserve battery for inactive stickers

I would like to know if there is a way of conserve battery of a batch of stickers that we bought, and that are currently sitting there consuming battery, until we deliver our app that is an internal app on-demand. I understand there is no “flip to sleep” for the stickers.
What is the best way of putting all these stickers to an absolute minimum of battery consuming?

Thank you!

You can use the Estimote iOS app to change the advertising interval and Tx power of your stickers—e.g., temporarily crank the adv interval all the way up, and reduce the Tx power to, e.g., -12 dB (lower than will have a negligible impact on the battery life).

Ok, thank you. It wouldn’t be a bad upgrade for your next version of it’s firmware thou :slight_smile:

Helo, i am trying to change the tx power with your app but it doesn’t stick, i change it, and when i go back to the list of devices is "strong " again.

Yes, we’re actually aware of that, and are working on a fix:

Thanks for your patience!