Cannot connect and configure stickers

I have ten stickers which I would like to lower the transmit power for. I use the Android Estimote app and I have a hard time to connect to the stickers. The app just shows scan and it can find my other bigger beacons (proximity/location) but they seldom find the stickers. I connected to one successfully but I am not sure if the power was changed. I cannot connect to it and verify. No other sticker seems to be working. It just says disconnected (probably timeout).

Is there any way to change the power of the stickers? Maybe I could just connect to them manually via for instance bluetoothctl / hcitool (BlueZ integration) and modify the values there? Or are they hidden?

I just tried from the CMS and I could change one of them (the one I successfully connected to before) and decreased the broadcast interval to 500 from 2500-ish, and lowered the power to -8. Do I need to successfully connect to all before I can change them from the CMS?

I will provide one image of my stickers, and one of the actual scan. Note that I have my phone on all the stickers, so the phone is close.

Hi @simonzettervall!

In order to detect the sticker and have a possibility to connect to it, you need to nudge that particular sticker. Once you do it, the sticker should appear both on the radar and the device list. :slight_smile:

If you need to change the Broadcasting Power of the sticker, you need to connect it either through our Estimote app or using Estimote SDK. Moreover, as you mentioned, you are able to change values through Estimote Cloud Dashboard, but still connection to the sticker is needed. Your current troubles might be caused from the lowered Broadcasting Power value and increased Advertising Interval period value.

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