Accelerometer's reliability

I built an app that scan nearables and elaborate their data. Sometimes the accelerometer’s data of the sticker sends for awhile the same value.

Is it a limit of the accelerometer? Or is there a problem in my own app?

If the value doesn’t change, this usually means that no new advertising packets with updated values hit the phone.

You could try cranking up the Tx power of your stickers for more reliable signal (default is -12, you could try 0 or 4 dBm), and lowering the advertising interval for more frequent packet delivery (default is ~ 2500, you could try, e.g., 1000 ms).

As we’re still working on adding support for changing sticker settings in our Estimote iOS app, for the time being you will need to use the Examples bundled with the iOS SDK to update the firmware of your stickers and change their settings:

Just add your App ID and App Token here:

If you don’t yet have one, you can generate yourself a token here:

Once you do this, just build and run the Examples app on your device, and look for the sticker demos at the very bottom of the list. Note: you need to be moving your sticker in order to be able to connect to it.

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Thank you for the reply.

I’ve already crank up the Tx power of my Sticker, but, after that, my Sticker stopped working.
So now I’m using the default settings of the Sticker.