Cannot modify Sticker's Broadcasting Power

Since Monday i have weird problem.

I can modify broadcasting interval of any sticker!
But when I modify broadcasting power, it is not saved on the sticker.
I tried it on each sticker => same issue. Not possible to change BP anymore.
I’m using the estimote app on iphone 4s with iOS 9.2
edit: updated to 9.3 => same issue


Sorry for this inconvenience but we found bug in our App that does not allow to change power in sticker. Next version will have fix for this.

Marcin Klimek


Any news, when next version will be released?
Or how can I install previous version without the bug. Really urgent :frowning:


This bug and we are going to deliver fix this week. Sorry for inconvenience!


BTW. Firmware update is not required for this fix.

After update, still same issue …:unamused:

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