[RESOLVED] Estimote Android App can only be installed on a subset of S4 minis

I am working on a client project, for which we’ll use several S4 minis. I got a personal S4 mini for testing, and installed the official Android App from the Google Play store and can range for beacons without issue. However, now that I’ve started to use the client’s phones, the store page says “Your device isn’t compatible with this version”

The app in question:

A screenshot of the app’s page on the phone which claims incompatibility:

I looked at the model number of the two S4 minis, which appear to differ:
Working S4 mini: SGH-I257M
Non-working S4 mini: GT-I9192
Is this just an oversight on the submission of the official app? Or does this indicate some actual incompatibility? Perusing wikipedia, which has some more details on the model numbers, it seems that all models of the S4 mini should support Bluetooth 4.

While awaiting, I’m going to start testing for beacon detection using other apps (including my own) on the phone that does not work with the official app.

My bad. Looks like I didn’t catch that the non-working phone was on a slightly older version of Android. Really wish the Google play store gave me a reason why it was not supported.

Working phone: Android 4.4.2
Non-working phone: Android 4.2.2


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