Estimote analytics not working in android

We are currently developing an android app for retail stores that include estimote UWB location beacons. We went through all the tutorials for android as well as the example apps for android and they worked out fine. We had also tried the UWB auto-mapping function for IOS and it worked ok, but had some accuracy issues due to the nature of bluetooth signals being having interference with humans and walls.

Hence now we are working on Analytics with the beacons for android, but however the analytics section of the estimote cloud site shows nothing.
We did:
Change the UUID of the beacons
Assign the geo-location of the beacons
Enable ranging for the beacons
Range for the beacons in the app
Use the most recent SDK, 1.4.1
Update the beacons to their latest firmware

Will hope to get a reply quick from the team, Thanks!

P.S. Can I get more information on how does the ‘Here and Now’ functionality works? I have configured one of the beacons to have the ‘Here and Now’ functionality but I am not sure what to expect from my phone.

Hey @urieltan

As I can see, you are using our old SDK 1.4.1 - we moved all our efforts into the development of ProximitySDK, which I really encourage you to try out. It supports Analytics updates, Estimote Secure Monitoring, Telemetry scanning, works better on more Android phones, and delivers the simple API to trigger events in the defined proximity of your beacons. The Android-SDK 1.4.1 shall soon be deprecated, as we had to completely rewrite the internals to deliver better scanning


Hi @paweldylag,
I managed to get it to work using the older SDK, it had something to do with monitoring for the region of each beacon individually instead of monitoring the UUID.
I managed to get the examples for the new SDK to run, but they are in kotlin and that was why I continued trying the old SDK the last few days.
But now, I will be moving on to the new SDK since I found this link,
It’s a pretty well made tutorial that works and provides many of the functionalities needed.