Android - Estimote App and Proximit SDK does not detect beacons

Hi there,

On my 2 Androids devices, beacons are not detected at all using the Android Estimote App version 2.8.2 (either in the radar, list or quick connect, proximity demo). Also they are not detected using the Android-Proximity-SDK, version 0.3.2 (I followed the dev docs).

  • I have one Samsung Galaxy S4 with Android version 5.0.1.
  • The other device is a Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2016) Model SM-T280, with Android version 5.1.1.
  • The beacon firmware version is 4.9.4 and hardware revision is G1.8.

All the phone requirements are meet (Bluetooth is on, BLE are supported by all devices), I’m logged into Estimote App and beacon is detected using another beacon scanner app.

Also note that before upgrading the Estimote App and our app (using the deprecated Android-SDK), the beacon was detected.

Everything is working fine on my iPhone5 using the latest Estimote App and iOS-Proximity-SDK: beacon is detected without any problems, so no, the battery is not dead.

Are you aware of any issues concerning Samsung devices ? We can not update our app to a new version since we are not confident that the beacons will be detected using the Android-Proximity-SDK. Beacon detection are essential in our case.

Please can someone at Estimote do some tests on the Galaxy S4 and Tab A devices ?

Have you found an answer?