Older Firmware version doesn't detect newer version

Yesterday I was updating my beacons (A3.0.1) to the new A3.2.0 version. Today the iPhone Estimote App has decided that A3.0.1 is considered up to date and won’t update any beacons.

Mac Address - d7e819893fba
hardware V - D3.4

To be honest, it would probably be better if we could pick the version from a list rather than the app deciding what we can and can’t update.

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This didn’t resolve the issue but is pretty much the same.

Thanks for your report Emile! We just fixed that, you should be able to update your beacons now. Apologies for the trouble!

I have the same problem with my beacons…OS 1.9.0 and hardware revision D3.2. The iOS app says my beacons are up to date. Any idea how to solve this?

Wei-Meng Lee

Could you post a screenshot where it says it’s up-to-date? I have a theory about what’s going on, and a screenshot will help me validate it (: