Unable to update beacons' firmware

Hi. I cannot update firmware in my two beacons from Estimote. I tried updating from Android, but I found info online that it’s not supported at the moment. I also tried updating from my friend’s iPhone and I have a very strange bug.

I am connected to wi-fi with connection that works in every other way. I am logged in i the Estimote app to my account where I have my two beacons connected. I go to ‘devices’ screen and choose from list a beacon (same problem for both). It tells me that firmware version is Estimote OS A2.2.0 and hardware revision is D3.4. Battery is not an issue as it displays 38 months +. When I press update beacon to A3.2.0 it quickly shows me a screen saying ‘put the beacon on your phone’ but immediately it disappers, no matter where I put it. Then, even if I have my beacon literally laying on the phone, it starts an update, goes to 10%, freezes for a few seconds, shows again “updating 0%”, stays there for a few seconds and shows a screen with successful update. When I press back, it shows me that both current and latest version is A2.2.0 and of course it is not updated.

I tried rebooting the iPhone, redownloading the app and it doesn’t work any way.
The device is iPhone 6s with iOS 10.2.1(14D27).
The beacons’ ids are ca9f0fc2db0b and d0a38ef3460e

I need help as fast as possible. Thanks

Sorry for the long wait! Firmware update should work all the same on iOS and Android. Does the Estimote Android app give you the same problem? If it does, might be an indicator of a problem with the beacons themselves—in which case, please email our support team at contact@estimote.com, and we’ll sort it out.