Old version Estimote Beacons working fine but latest one's not working with third party Libraries

Hi Everyone,
I need to ask some questions regarding difference in versions of estimotes in last 2 years.
I have followings beacons:

  • 3, 2 years old estimote beacons (Firmware version: 2.1.0 ; Hardware Version: Unknown)
  • 3 Latest Estimote Proximity Beacons(Firmware version: 4.5.1 ; Hardware Version: G1.8)

I wanted to scan estimote from RaspberryPi using a third a prty library. Now the problem is that my code is working absolutely fine for all of the estimote beacons that are 2 years old, But it is not working for any estimote proximity beacons that I have bought recently. I compared the settings of both beacons and I found that new ones have a lot of new settings. I wanted to ask if there is anything that I need do to make them work. If there is any setting that I can change in new estimote beacons so that they start behaving like the others. I have used the following libraries to scan the estimote beacons:

For Python:

For Node.js

Both of the node.js libraries are working but they donot keep scanning to for long time. They discover the beacons for some time after that they donot discover them.


Hi @muhammad.hamza!

Unfortunately, these SDKs and libraries are not authored or maintained by Estimote. Hence, we do not possess enough knowledge to help you out and make that tools work. However, you take a look at i.e. StackOverflow and check if there are some people with similar problems. We keep our fingers crossed to get that issue solved! :slight_smile: