Android Estimode sdk scaning

I am trying to scan some other beacons with the estimote library with their uuid and is not working is there any restriction that allows only estimote beacons to be visible with the sdk?

Hi there,

Estimote SDK does not support non-Estimote Beacons.


No. I'm able to find a Raspberry Pi with Estimote API. For the most part I would think that most libs out there don't "care" if it is a device they've made. A beacon package is simply a beacon package.

Obviously Estimote's connection API won't work with other device hardware though. Good luck.

The problem is that i can see the device with the bluetooth but i estimode sdk reject it i m geting this in the logcat "Device 00:15:88:04:90:6A is not an Estimote beacon" that is the reason that i though that maybe is not able to detect other beacons that the estimode ones!

Oh sorry... For some reason I missed "Android" which I am unaware of. The iPhone SDK is able to pick up and range the Pi.

Is there any plan to support iBeacons that are not made by Estimote? I have purchased a few beacons from you, and some other manufacturers and would like to only have to use one API to communicate with them.

Hi Michael,

Right now it's not on the roadmap. We keep adding new features to our SDK (accelerometer and temperature sensors, Estimote Cloud support, soon to come: power management and security layer) and we want to provide the best, frictionless experience for developers, so we've decided to focus on our own Beacons, because we're 100% sure they're compatible with all the functions we're building.