Not Able to claim Beacons

I am heaving a set of beacon form ESTIMOTE .
From over a month, they are with me. However, they did not work.
I am not able to claim them. Through Estimote App for Both OS (Android & IPhone).

Estimote Cloud (

  • Here setting seems OK.
  • I can see my 3 Beacons in it (Mint, ICE, Blueberry Pie).
  • UUID is same all 3 Beacons

Estimote App (iPhone)
• I first tap on Devices, then in range, I click Beacon appear in Radar. After tapping any of them, shows detail but also show red (stop Sign) between Phone & Beacon.

Then Under List, it shows beacon available in Cloud too. (On info strip nest to “dbm”, it shows A3.2 in RED Color).

• By tapping it, it shows Details of Beacon in CLOUD.
• When I Tap on Claim Button, it shows Error.

• Main thing, details of Hardware Beacon through App & Estimote Cloud Shows different values for MAC, Minor, Major.

You may have accidentally gotten a different set of beacons than those assigned to you in the Cloud. Can you email us your order number at We’ll investigate and sort this out. Apologies for the trouble!

I am really thankful to you. It’s working now.
Wojtech Helped me lot in this.

He emailed me the solution. Its working fine now

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