Problem connecting to Estimote Cloud


I am unable to connect to my beacon using the Estimote App. It shows an error message “Problem connecting to Estimote cloud”.I have WiFi connectivity in my phone. Both the iOS and Android verisons of the Estimote app is not working for me.


Can you share MAC address of the beacon so we can check in the logs? We had brief problem during night with Estimote Cloud and this can be interconnected.

Mac Addresses: D2:70:B6:FE:E5:53, FF:89:FF:08:24:D8

I also have one more problem. Two other beacons in my account are now shown as not belonging to that account and so I am unable to connect to it.

We will be checking those MAC addresses. By any chance you can dump logs from your Android device when the error occurs? (asking as I’m not sure if you are programmer)

In case of those 2 other beacons, please do send email to and we will help you. We do not want to expose any person info, emails on public forum.

The logs from my android device is attached.

logcat.txt (414.6 KB)

Can you redo errors for beacons with MAC addresses D2:70:B6:FE:E5:53, FF:89:FF:08:24:D8 with app attached and sump logs again? Thanks a lot (8.2 MB)

The app is not getting installed with the given apk file.

Please do uninstall previous app. They are signed with different certificates. Sorry, I forgot to add it.

I am able to authenticate and connect to the beacons with this version of the app. Attaching the log dump if you still need it. So does this need an update to the Estimote app?


logcat.txt (527.7 KB)

Excellent, we will be updating SDK app within 48h :).

Thank you for your great support. :slight_smile: