I can't claim my own beacons

I’m having problem with 3 of my Proximity Estimote beacons. Using the iOS Estimote App I can’t see the details of any of them (color, MAC address, etc), and I can’t change any setting because the app says that they don’t belong to me. When I try to ‘claim’ any, it says that the ‘claim failed’.

Since I can’t see the details, I’m not able to send any MAC address. I just can see the following details.
How could them be assigned to me? Or how can I change the settings? Since I’m using them for temperature monitoring I need to calibrate the temperature before deploying them.

I’m having the same problem on Android. Trying to claim the beacons I get the following message: “Claim failed due to server error”. Please advise.

Hey guys, we’re aware of some issues with claiming in the Android and iOS apps—fixes are under way (: In the meantime, just shoot us an email to contact@estimote.com with your Order Number, the beacon’s identifiers (the long, 32-character string you should see in Beacon Details or on the devices list), and the account to transfer them to, and we’ll sort it out. Apologies for the trouble!