Beacon claim problem :( [I'm still crying]

I want to claim my beacon but a message showed and it refused me to do so
"Claim failed due to Bluetooth problem. Make sure your device is close to the beacon and try again"

I brought these beacons in 2013 September where it is the pre-order set. Are they too old to use the beacon cloud?

Definitely not too old, all our beacons should be claimable.

Can you see the MAC address on the beacon details screen? Can you try re-installing the app?

Thank you for the reply. The mac address is not shown. The information shown is just UUID, major, minor, color. Others are blank and color is shown as “Unknown”.
The case is the same even I reinstall the app.
Please help.

Would it be possible for you to download our SDK (, build & run the “Examples” beacon project on your device, then go to the “Beacon Settings” or “Firmware Update” demo and read the MAC address off the list?

UPDATE: Alternatively, any chance you still have your pre-order number somewhere in your mailbox?

Pre-order #90e2ae7a8981c4830bf31adfe94f026e
You can also check on your side as I use this email to do the ordering. Thanks.

Hmmm, I can see the beacons already assigned to your cloud account … Could you post the UUID, major, minor and color values you see in the app?

I’m sorry this is taking so long to fix, we’ll get there!

Thank you.

Also, I tried the Estimote SDK and try to update the firmware with the app built from the project in Examples folder. However, no beacon is shown on the list in the firmware update list and I can see beacons on the list of “Distance”, “Proximity Zones”, “Notifications”, “Send Beacons GPS Position” only

Can you download this app and see if your beacons show up in there? They should be called “estimote.” Did you replace the batteries in these beacons? The one that you’ve sent the screenshot for, what color is it?

That is the ice color. I cannot find the bacon with any apps now. It seems it is out of battery. I will replace the battery and try the above again.

How I can get the new case after cutting the old one? Please kindly advise. Thanks.

May I also know how to know whether it is out of battery or not? Any indicator on the beacon?

I replaced the battery and successfully updated the firmware of the beacon to A3.0.1 with your iOS app downloaded from App Store. However, the latest version displays on the screen is A3.0.1 instead of 3.1.1
I used an android device to update the beacon with the app downloaded from Google Play and now it displays that I can update to 3.1.1 finally. However, it stopped at 10% and after a period of time. It stated Beacon update failed.

Shoot us an email to with your address and we’ll send you new enclosures (:

There’s no battery indicator on the beacon I’m afraid. You can use the app to check the estimated remaining lifetime. If the beacon doesn’t show up in the app at all, it’s most probably already out of juice.

The current version of the iOS app doesn’t yet support updating beacons to 3.1.1, it’s coming in the next version. Android already does, as you noticed (: If the update failed, you should be able to still find your beacon on the radar/list and retry the update.

Thank you.
I removed the battery and ret the beacon. I can now update the firmware from 2.0 to 3.1.1.
However, how to verify that I can broadcast EddyStone signal?
I changed the primary packet type to Eddystone-URL and left everything as default, but I cannot get the message in the Today screen in Google Chrome’s widget.

Does your “Today” widget say “Physical Web is on” or “Scanning for Physical Web objects…” at the very bottom? Can you see the URL in the Estimote app?

Hi, I encountered very weird beacon claim problem.

I’ve claimed a beacon from my colleague via iOS app. He approved the claim email and it took effect immediately.
However the next day the beacon owner’s changed back to his email. Did I miss any step ?