No settings option to enable Eddystone Configuration Service

I am trying to register my Proximity beacons with the Google Nearby APIs.

When trying to register them in the Google Beacon Tools app, it errors out after a while asking me if I have to press a button on the beacon. I came across lots of people who had the same issue or similar:

The solution that is mentioned is that Eddystone Configuration Service needs to be set up first, as described in some of the help/developer docs:

I have done the steps mentioned (disable all packets for the beacon and ensure the settings have saved), but I don’t see an option for “Eddystone Configuration Service” in the “Connectivity Packet” section of the settings on the Estimote cloud portal.

Beacon specs:

  • Hardware revision J1.9_B1.1
  • Firmware revision 4.14.4

Hi jfriend,

The option to enable ECS has been disabled for this hardware revision, but we’ll be bringing it back tomorrow. Thanks for your patience. :slight_smile: sent me some helpful instructions on how to register the beacons using Google’s REST APIs instead of the beacon tools app:

First, go through the following steps to set up a project with Nearby API in Google Developer Console:

Google Developer Console

  1. Set up a project in Google Developer Console.
  2. Select a project or create a new one by clicking on the Select a project dropdown.
  3. Once the project is set up, go to the API library.
  4. Search for Proximity, click on it to view its details.
  5. Click Enable to enable the Google Proximity Beacon API for your project.
  6. Search for the Nearby API and enable it the same way.

The next step is to provide Google ServiceAccountKey to Estimote Cloud to register your Estimote Beacon in Google Beacon Proximity API. Go through the following steps:

Google Developer Console - Credentials

  1. Click Go to credentials.
  2. Click New credentials, then select Service account key.
  3. Create new service account, specify your role (typically, Project Owner), and select a JSON file. After this operation, the JSON file will be automatically generated and downloaded to your computer.

Also, for reasons unknown to me, I now see an option to enable Eddystone EID in the android configuration app despite being told by support that:

it looks like we do have a mistake on the products page. We’ll be updating that shortly. The EID packet is indeed available only for Location Beacons.