Eddystone Configuration Service Unavailable

I have Proximity beacons that I purchased six months that I’m trying to setup for use with the Google Nearby support using Eddystone. I attempted to run the Google Beacon tools app to register my beacons which failed to find any beacons. According to this post (I can’t register Google App : Beacon Tools), I need to enable the Eddystone Configuration Service, however using the Estimote cloud or Estimote app there is no settings option visible to enable this service. Did that the Eddystone Configuration Service get replaced/removed or do my devices need a firmware upgrade?

Here is my current firmware:
Firmware Version
Hardware Version

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I have the same issue with

Firmware Version: 4.12.0
Hardware Version: G1.12
iOS App Version: 2.34.0

I also logged into the Estimote cloud and can see my beacons and it shows that Eddystone Configuration Service is off. When I click on Edit Settings I can’t find any place to toggle the configuration service off/on.

What, We are seeing a lot of instructions and steps that don’t even exsist. I like the company but these beacons don’t do as promised. There are companies out there messaging us saying that they program Estimote beacons for over $400. That is a sign that the beacon is not simply an easy set up as promised but must need a developer. If I need a developer, I might as well use $6 beacons and get the same results.

Edward_S_Winfrey…did you ever get a reply? I’ve run into the same problem. I’ve posted to the forum and written “support” via email, and Messenger. No reply…no nothing. I’ve followed what minimal instructions I could find on this site, yet still get the 'All advertisers must be disabled first before you can enable Eddystone Configuration Service" message.

No, I never heard back and have started to look at other beacon vendors.