No activation code with developer kit

So I just received a proximity beacon developer kit, and under the devices section of estimote cloud it asks me to enter the activation code on the inside of the kit, however as pictured my developer kit has no activation code.
Is the website out of date and there is a different activation process now? Is there a mistake with the packaging of this dev kit? If not, how am I supposed to link the beacons to my account without an activation code?

Here’s a picture of my dev kit’s packaging:

Hi @Maya!

Beacons are automatically registered in Estimote Cloud in the factory and assigned to the email address used when the order was placed. If someone bought the beacons for you or you bought them from an unofficial reseller, please contact them and ask to reassign the beacons to your account. It’s simple. Here you’ll find instructions for transferring beacons:

Oh! Ok yes the beacons were ordered on a different account, looks like it should be easy to transfer ownership.
Thank you!

I have a similar problem. I ordered the beacons through Amazon. There is no activation code. When I use the same email address as my amazon account, the beacon’s don’t show up on my account. I used the “Claim” button on the android app with no luck. Not sure how to proceed

Shoot us an email to with your Amazon order number, and we’ll figure it out (: