Development Kit

Hi I have emailed regarding the new kit purchase. As I am not able to find the UUID major and minor, I couldn’t claim them through the application either nor able to find the owner since it was ordered by my university.

I will really appreciate if you can tell me any other quickest way to get ownership of the beacons so I get started with my work.

Sorry to hear about your troubles—this is usually a tough thing for us to solve, when you come into possession of a dev kit, but the original owner didn’t reassign it to your own Estimote Account. Understandably, we’d rather not reassign any dev kits without their original owner’s knowledge/consent.

If you can read the identifiers of your beacons in the Estimote app, and send them to us, we’ll see who the current owner is and try to get in touch and resolve this.

Hi, I have tried claiming them however, I can not find them using the application on my phone using the configuration - Radar. They do not appear on the app. What should I do then?

Are you on iOS or Android? What device/OS version? Can double-check your Bluetooth, Location Services, Internet connection? Do you have any other iOS/Android device that you can try to detect the beacons with?

Any idea if this is a brand new kit? If not, maybe the batteries have run out?

I have tried on both. iOS and an Android tablet with all possible ways I could and double checked everything. It keeps on searching and does not find any beacons.

I believe they were ordered only a few weeks ago.

I have also messaged you with the iD’s I found on the beacons and Kit packaging. Would that help finding the owner?

The IDs you’ve sent were helpful, although in a different way: they’re certification identifiers, and based on them, I can tell you these are our first-generation beacons, which we were producing/shipping in 2014-2016. So they’re very likely out of battery :slightly_frowning_face:

You could try to replace the batteries. Can you post a photo of the back of the beacon, so that I can identify the exact model, and guide you further?



Hopefully these are clear enough.

Yup, thanks! So uhhh, sadly, this is one of our earlier models, and you’ll need to cut the enclosure to get to the PCB. Here’s a helpful YouTube video somebody made that demonstrates that:

Once you pull the PCB out, you’ll see if you have a model with CR2477, 1000 mAh battery (most likely), or a CR2450, 600 mAh battery (which were some of the earliest beacons we’ve ever shipped). You should be able to buy these batteries in any electronic/hardware store, or online.

Thank you for your help. I will try doing this now, lets hope this will work :slightly_smiling_face:

Just a last thing, although it says it will destroy the outer cover of the beacons. However, beacons will be functional once I change the batteries? At this point i just need to test their functionality with my project.

Yes, this pretty much destroys the enclosure, but the beacon/electronics remain fully functional. (Just be gentle with the knife/during the process, to avoid accidentally destroying the electronics too. :wink:)