Claim estimote with activation code


I got 3 beacons given to me at a event. They are not connected to my email address so i can’t claim them.
A activation code was included with each beacon, where can i use this activation code? Can’t see any options in the claim process or on the homepage.

Go to, create an account (if you haven’t yet) and log in. There’s a link at the bottom that’ll open a window where you can type the activation code in.

If you can’t see the link, you can use this URL directly:

Hi, I have 3 dev kits and I successfully claimed the beacons in the first kit using the activation code. However, I now see the claimed beacons on the “Beacons” page without any option to activate more. Any idea how I can activate the remaining two kits I have?


Use this URL:

(It changed from activateBeacons to activate, I updated my post above to reflect that.)