Nearables not working


I have a box of Nearables I received in November last year and they do not seem to be picking up on the Estimote app. I have nudged, moved them around and done basically everything suggested by the forums, but with no success. It has been less than 6 months without having used them much at all and it seems that they are already no longer working.

I am not sure if it has something to do with the batteries that have already gone flat, because I remember testing them about a month ago and then it seemed to have picked up only one of the 10 Nearables, but now its not picking up any of them. I can however see the proximity Beacons on the app. I have also tried it with numerous other devices as well, but also not working.

Please advise on what to do. Could they be broken or the batteries be flat already?


Same with mine. Two boxes. I randomly selected one from each box, removed the battery (CR2020) and the volt meter tells the story - 0.14V in one case, 0.08V in another. I feel bad for the little guys. Oh well… Tim

We are starting to face the same, some died after 4 weeks…