Nearables not showing up (Latest version of everything)

iOS: Latest version. Estimote iPhone app: Latest Version.

No nearables show up in my Estimote app. After the stickers came in, I was given ownership of two stickers, both present in the photo. When I chose to filter the search for only nearables, none showed up in the app. Tried pressing on them because the battery might be out, but it did nothing. Please help.image

is anyone here? I really need this fixed :frowning: Please estimote… you viewed this 18 times…

I had a same problem, but could not find out why suddenly all my stickers stopped working !
I ordered again and new stickers still OK .

I fixed it by replacing the CR2020 battery with the CR2025. The Nearable cover is wrecked though. :joy:

Hey guys, sorry for delayed response—if your stickers arrived with dead batteries, shoot us an email to and we’ll fix you replacement kits. Apologies for the trouble!

(And props for successfully replacing batteries in your stickers, that’s no small feat given they’re sealed shut in silicone! :wink:)