Did I break my nearables already?

I ordered a pack of Nearables 2 weeks ago (2 more orders in manufacturing) and have been developing an iOS application with them. Since then I have 3 Nearables which no longer show up in my app, the Estimote app in the app store and the Nearables example project in the 3.0.3 release. I have one other Nearable which sometimes shows up in the Estimote app store app, but not often. When it does show up it shows up as much further away than it actually is. Is there a better way to diagnose my issue than the three apps mentioned above?

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Hi there,

How far are the stickers from your phone? Do they appear in Estmote app if you put them really close? If not, it might mean that something is wrong with them: please drop me a line to wojtek@estimote.com, I’ll be glad to help troubleshoot further.


Did you ever find out what happened to your nearables? I have also started experimenting with some nearables and have two that have broken, one simply from peeling and replacing it on various surfaces. I find the quality of these to be lacking, particularly based on the cost.

Really sorry to hear about that! Can you email us at contact@estimote.com, we’ll replace the broken units.

Hi there,
already at the dev stage 2 of the nearables stopped transmitting the motion data, so i could not update the firmware. After couple of months there are three nearables which are still getting detected. Something is seriously wrong with your CQ. Despite being the most beautiful on the market, nearables are not usable for now.
Regarding beacons, we are still waiting for our delivery. More than a month now. C’mon, guys!
With regards

Sorry to hear that! Can you email us to contact@estimote.com? We can get you replacement stickers, and check the status of your beacon order. We’ll sort things out, no worries!

Hi there,

Can I check if there are any updates on this? I had ordered about 4 or 5 boxes of Nearables, and unfortunately, almost half of them are ‘broken’ or dead (or battery ran out).

There are two observations:

  1. Battery drains fairly quickly, after a few months of usage.
  2. Some of the stickers were originally working fine. However, they started showing 0 readings (for temperature and accelerometer), after some time. In addition, some of these stickers that were giving 0 readings were sending these readings about 90 times per minute.

{ id: ‘3e7cd89df680b7f9’, uuid: ‘d0d3fa86ca7645ec9bd96af43e7cd89df680b7f9’, type: ‘SB0’, firmware: ‘unknown’, bootloader: ‘SB1.0.0’, temperature: 0, moving: false, batteryLevel: ‘unknown’, acceleration: { x: 0, y: 0, z: 0 }, currentMotionStateDuration: 0, previousMotionStateDuration: 0, power: 1, firmwareState: ‘bootloader’ }

We did notice that for the stickers that show ‘correct’ accelerometer readings, the firmware state shows ‘app’ instead of ‘bootloader’.

There are no customizations or changes done on the default configurations of the stickers. Some of them were stored in our cupboard for a few months, not exposed to high heat or anything - but still showed such behavior.

Would appreciate any help or advice; thanks a lot!


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is there any updates on this issue before I decide whether to use estimote stickers for my project.

Is it a matter of upgrading the firmware of the affected stickers or some underlying production issue?

Hope to hear from estimote soon.


We’ve actually made some improvements to the Nearable firmware last week, we’ll be publishing a blog post later this week describing everything. There’s a few immediate reliability improvements, plus we added fleet management options so that stickers can sync their health status with Estimote Cloud—this should allow us to closely monitor any firmware errors and hardware failures, so that we can take appropriate actions. We’re dedicated to providing the highest quality beacon hardware on the market—and as with software development, fixing bugs starts with tracking down exactly what’s going, which is why we’re moving forward with this.

Apologies for any trouble—if you need your stickers replaced, just email us to contact@estimote.com.