Nearables on Android non detectable

I have implemented estimote sdk and put the code from into my MainActivity.class but all I get is empty list not nearables discovered and I have three estimote stickers beside my phone.

Does the Estimote Android app detect your nearables? (Note, you might have to nudge them for them to appear on the radar/list, that’s a bug in the Estimote Android app.)

Hi yes,I keep nudging them as mentioned in previous posts and Estimote documentation but still nothing the nearables list is empty.
It’s just a small app with one MainActivity.class to find nearables I can post the zipped code If you can take a look because I have been trying to make them work for a couple of days but without succes.

Hey, I just got my stickers yesterday. Nearables on Iphone no deteble. I have not idea. Plz help