Sticker / Nearables: Can not connect through app


I have recently taken a look at my Nearables again that I ordered a few months ago. It seems that I am able to detect all of them through the Estimote app, but I can not connect to them. All of them belong to me and it is reflected on my account (

What I also realised, is that when I detect them in the list view on the app, it seems that they are locked? But this is contradictory to what is shown on my account.

Can someone please advise me what I can do in order to connect to them through the app. All my other beacons work fine. I am using an Android phone.

Please see sreenshots.

Kind regards

Have you tried to shake Nearables during connecting phase? This enables connection mode in device.


Yes, I have tried it, but with no success. Still does not connect, even if it is shaken.

Yes, I did try shaking and moving them as well, but it still did not work…

Have you tried to use different phone (some have Bluetooth issues)? Have you tried to use iOS app to connect to Sticker?
Why do you want to connect to Stickers? What parameters you want to change?

Yes I have tried using different phones, but with no success. I do not have an iOS device and I would not even go down that route since it is suppose to work on Android devices in any case.

I would like to connect to the stickers for a variety of reasons, including changing the transmit power, advertising intervals, major and minor values, etc.


I have the same problem exactly. I cannot connect to Nearables stickers through the Estimote app. Stickers are shown on radar although connection fails every time.
I also use the Showroom app from GitHub for Android and no motion is tracked.

Is there any solution? I need stickers functionality for my project!

EDIT: I solved the problem. It was a connection error. Try connect to different wifi.