Nearable not detected after update to iOS 13

After upgrade to iOS 13 working code that detects Nearble stickers stopped working. Now delegate method is never called.

Here are my code snippets:

 private func startRangingNearables() {
        self.tables.forEach { table in
            guard let nearableIdentifier = table.beaconId else { return }
            self.nearableManager.startRanging(forIdentifier: nearableIdentifier)

func nearableManager(_ manager: ESTNearableManager, didRangeNearable nearable: ESTNearable) {
        if nearable.rssi <= 0 {
            print("Did range nearable: \(nearable.identifier), power: \(nearable.txPowerInDbm), rssi: \(nearable.rssi), interval: \(nearable.advInterval)")

I haven’t changed recently nothing in my code, maybe there was update of EstimodeSDK pod and update from iOS 12.4 to iOS 13.

Thay are still detected in Estimote iOS app so they are live and identifiers are correct

Ranging nearables failed with error: Error Domain=com.estimote.nearables Code=301 “Blueooth is not powerd on.” UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=Blueooth is not powerd on.}