Nearables when delegate called only the identifier returns

hey, im using estimote sdk in objective c and ranging nearables its detect the nearables (stickers) around but the problem what i received is only the identifier nothing else. how can i get all the data that the sticker is advertising like temperature and motion ?

    -(void)startObserving {

      self.NearableManager = [ESTNearableManager new];
      ESTNearableManager *NearableManager = [[ESTNearableManager alloc] init];
      self.NearableManager.delegate = self;

      [self.NearableManager startRangingForType:ESTNearableTypeAll];

    - (void)nearableManager:(ESTNearableManager *)manager didRangeNearables:(NSArray<ESTNearable *> *)nearables withType:(ESTNearableType)type{
      ESTNearable *nearable = nearables.firstObject;


The ESTNearable object you have there in didRangeNearables has all the properties you need:

e.g., for temperature, that’d be: