Code for detecting any sticker

Hello. We are making an app written in objective-c that is going to use stickers , and should detect any sticker that come close to our device.
We have followed the little tutorial in , but this is made to detect only one identified sticker and with 2 rules to follow. The only need we have is “device inmediate close to the sticker --> do something”.
Are there any examples out there how can we manage that? I mean, we don’t need to identify the sticker, we don’t need it to do anything, just be there.

Thank you!

You can use the ESTNearableManager's startRangingForType method, and simply pass ESTNearableTypeAll as the type.

Yes of course, but then the method “to do something” never get called… missing something here.
Here is my code:

#import "ViewController.h"
#import <EstimoteSDK/EstimoteSDK.h>

@interface ViewController () <ESTNearableManagerDelegate>

    @property (nonatomic) ESTNearableManager *nearableManager;


@implementation ViewController

- (void)viewDidLoad {
    [super viewDidLoad];
    // Do any additional setup after loading the view, typically from a nib.
    self.nearableManager = [ESTNearableManager new];
    self.nearableManager.delegate = self;
    [self.nearableManager startMonitoringForType:ESTNearableTypeAll];

-(void)nearableManager:(ESTNearableManager *)manager didRangeNearable:(ESTNearable *)nearable{
    NSLog(@"Hello, digital world! The physical world has spoken.");

It never get to do the NSLog.

That’s because you start monitoring, but implement the did Range delegate (: Try the startRangingForType method instead.

Uh… i did, doesn’t work either…


I am trying to ranging stickers with type all, but i am getting error “arables code=301. Bluetooth is not power on.”, but bluetooth is enable for the device. I am able to monitor stickers(startMonitoringForType:ESTNearableTypeAll).
I want to get details of detected nearbable(at least identifier). but monitoring delegate do not provide sticker’s details.