Tracking a Nearable Sticker


Sorry to bother people.

No matter what I do I cannot get ESTProximityRule.outsideRangeOfNearableIdentifier to trigger an event using ESTTriggerManager, when a Nearable goes out of range. Has anyone got a piece of code that works reliably, please?



Can you double-check if your app has the “always” authorization to use Location Services? This is usually the most common reason for missing “exit” events.

Sorry - this should have been a reply to another post (Nearables stop Broadcasting) - I’ll post it there as well.

Well, I’ve got text assigned to ‘NSLocationAlwaysUsageDescription’ in the Info.plist, I’m starting things off with ‘self.nearableManager.startRangingForType(ESTNearableType.All)’ and I don’t need to invoke ‘requestAlwaysAuthorization’ because the nearableManager does this for me (right?) and the app is always running in the foreground.

And, your Estimote app loses the sticker on the radar after the same amount of time and I’ve checked that in Privacy>Location Services - definitely ‘Always’.

Still confused …