Nearable not appearing on scan

Hi all,
I’ve just got two dev kits (nearable & proximity).

I’ve downloaded the estimote app and see if I could see them and start working with them with no luck.

I’ve moved them. Nudged them. Even tried with the iphone and android apps (android doesn’t even works. Keeps looping on location permissions required even when the permission is granted).

Any ideas?

  1. Your phone does not support Bluetooth Low Energy. Try different phone that supports it.
  2. Your phone has Bluetooth not working. It may report it as on, but no actual scanning is happening. You can check that by trying different app like nRF Connect.
  3. There is a source of huge interference that prevents phones from scanning packets (like leaky microwave oven).
  4. Your Nearables are damaged or run out of batteries.
    What phone do you testing on (model, type, os version)? Is this phone using custom ROM? On iOS, do you have only problem with stickers or also with Proximity Beacons?

I will confirm that the Android app does not work. In my case, I can see the nearables on a scan, but cannot connect to them. For a short time a couple weeks ago I was able to do so intermittently. However, a subsequent release broke this functionality. They seem to be rapidly changing the Android app as it is not functional. This has been a problem for many months. I doubt it will be fixed soon.

Unfortunately, my coworkers and I do not have an iphone. If you have one use it. The Android functionality is unreliable.