startRangingForNearables throws inaccurate bluetooth error

I’m using the ESTNearableManager to scan for nearby Nearables, and when the manager first initializes with startRanging(for: .all) an error gets thrown to the delegate method nearableManager(_ manager: ESTNearableManager, rangingFailedWithError error: Error) that says: Error Domain=com.estimote.nearables Code=301 "Blueooth is not powerd on." UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=Blueooth is not powerd on.}

  1. the error message has a typo: powerd, and 2) bluetooth is powered on. Immediately after throwing this error, it starts detecting beacons nearby, but I’d rather not have this inaccurate error message being thrown. What is causing it?

Thanks for the report! Could you also post it to our GitHub issue tracker?