Native support for Eddystone on phone side

Hello everyboy.
I´m new at this forum but we are a web developing company working with beacons and Eddystone since 10 months ago.
As you all know, a planetary conjunction is almost necessary for users’ smartphones to detect the beacons with Eddystone (without apps i mean).
At the beginning of Eddystone, we hear Google talk that very soon support would be native, directly from the Android system. But the truth is that this scenario seems very distant at the moment.
And the question is, does any of you have any information on when can change this?
Lot of thanks and regards

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we all agree with you :blush:

The only tip I know is that if your Android phone doesn’t see the beacons, it helps a lot to disable and re-enable the Bluetooth.
It works well with my phone ><

We Usually don´t have problems detecting beacons with Eddystone URL.
But that is always in a controlled and “atificial” development environment…
What we would like to see is that users can detect the same just wiht their default stock configuration (Bluetooth & GPS antennas enabled of course).
If anyone has more related information, it will be welcome.

“Planetary conjuction” - I love it : )

We don’t think that native support for Eddystone’s based notifications will happen anytime soon for Android.
It’s mostly due to the risk of poor user experience.

Users have to opt-in to your proximity experiences; typically they do it by downloading your app
and enabling bluetooth/location services/notifications (planetary conjuction).

The stronger the value of your app the more users with enabled BLE you will have.

If you want to send notifications to users in range who don’t have your app you have to:

  1. Try Physical Web links that can be received by mobile Chrome browser
  2. It is also possible to use Google Play (Services) app to talk to users in the range of beacons,
    but your app has to offer strong value and be registered by Google - read more about Nearby API.

Hello Jakub , it´s a pleasure for me to find you in this forum.
I´m afraid we are not in the apps market so we´ll have to keep trying the notifications by Chrome browser, physical web tools or any other future way.
The world is moving to the IOT, the people is starting to think for IOT and expecting for it of course.
I am convinced that within a time, the systems will have to make easier the encounter between people and things. For that it is necessary to facilitate the communication and I do not believe that the apps are the way. That encounter will have to be in the most natural and fluid way possible.
That is our perspective and the direction in which we are working. Many thanks again and a very cordial greeting.