I can't see any notification with EddyStone-URL via Physical Web

How are you?

I have a Estimote beacon and I have provisioned the beacon as Eddystone packet format.
I want to see notification with EddyStone-URL via Physical Web.
I mean EddyStone-URL don’t work.

Here are my phone and beacon environment.

  • LG Nexus 5x, Android 6.0.1, Google Play Service 10.0.84, Chrome 55.0.2883.91
  • Estimote 3.2.0,

Here are list I provisioned for beacon.

  • Beacon has latest firmware(3.2.0).
  • Beacon configured to Eddystone-URL.
  • Desired public site uses HTTPS(https://bikon.com).
  • Beacon is right next to phone, beacon not sleeping, power set to 4dBm, 200ms broadcast interval, smart battery saving “off”.
  • Beacon has registered on Estimote Cloud using Estimote app for Android.
  • Beacon has registered on Google Dashboard using Beacon Tools app for Android.

On the phone side:

  • Chrome Physical Web “on”
  • Chrome access to location “on”
  • Chrome notifications “on”
  • As you suggested: Google > Nearby = “on” (beacon doesn’t show up in Google > Nearby Discoveries)

I think I have done all the settings for Eddystone-URL.
But Eddystone-URL don’t work yet.
I don’t know why I can’t see it.

Are there other settings/avenues I’m overlooking?

Please help me.

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Seems that https://bikon.com is not reachable. URL must be reachable and with valid certificate to make physical web notification to work.

However, with chrome on Android notification is not so immediate, try to get out from beacon range and then get in proximity of it. With iOS Chrome dashboard plugin, getting notified is more straightforward.

I also noticed (Nexus 5) that Android notification doesn’t appear when phone is locked, but only in launcher’s notification area, it hasn’t any small icon nor ticker text and it doesn’t play any sound. It’s really unobtrusive.

Hope this helps.



Thank you for your response.

I registered wrong URL.(https://bkon.com)
I detected my Eddystone-URL beacons today and I show up the URL as notification.
But there are some problems yet.

I have some questions to you.

  • I can’t show up the URL(notification) right away as soon as I detect my Eddystone beacon. after a few minutes, I can show it. It is slow, What is the problem? I want to show it right away.

  • I want to move the URL(Eddystone-URL) automatically without click notification as soon as I detect my Eddystone beacon. But right now I can move to the URL after i click the notification. How can I move to the URL directly without click?

Please check and help me.

Best Regards,