Eddystone URL: Works only for Chrome in iOS?


My name is Julian im from Argentina.

My question is, if I configure my beacon in Eddystone URL, do I still need an app to receive the message in my smartphone? or with Google Chrome already works? This only works with iOS or it is also available for Android? What do I have to modify in my smartphone to receive this messages, iOS and Android of course?

Unfortunately, in Argentina people is not use to download many apps.

Thank you.

I´m no expert in any way but for Eddystone you need an app that listens for eddystone beacons, Chrome does this oniOS but not on yet on Android. Think i read that it was already in Chrome but they would flip the switch on it when the next version of Play Services was out.

Exactly what Johan said. As of today, even Eddystone-URL beacons need an app to detect them and trigger some action. When people say “you don’t need an app, just Google Chrome” … well, Chrome also is an app :smile:

Nitpicking aside, the long-term promise of Eddystone-URL is that you’ll be able to discover beacons with web browsers. For now, that’s just Chrome for iOS, and only in the form of the “Today” widget. Personally, my thinking is: Google is testing Eddystone-URL integration with the small user base of the iOS Chrome, and will eventually expand to Android. But that’s just speculation, we have to wait and see (: