Detecting Eddystone beacons with iOS Estimote app

I wanted to try Eddystone with my Estimote beacons so I have updated the firmware to 3.1.1 for each beacon with the Android Estimote app and used it to turn broadcast to Eddystone-UID. But in this broadcasting mode, it is not possible anymore to detect the beacons with the app on an iPhone. Eddystone is cross-platform, so it should at least detect the beacons with an iPhone as well as it works on an Android phone. Is it normal or have I something wrong with my device or configuration?
Thanks for your answer.

We’re in the process of updating our iOS app to detect Eddystone beacons—should hit the App Store early next month.

In the meantime, you can use our iOS SDK ( to detect Eddystone beacons on iOS—either by adding this your own app, or by using the “Examples” beacon project bundled with the SDK.

I’ll do this, thank you for your quick answer.

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