My Beacon does not belong to my account


I bought 3 estimote proximity beacons and I was able to add only one of them to my cloud account.
When I try to add the other tow beacons the application tell my that those beacons does not belong to me.
I claimed these beacons but no one transfer them to my account.

I work for a research institution and we bought the estimote beacons through an external re-seller called
Bedurin srl (Rome) Sede Legale: Via Amico Aspertini 404 00133 Roma - IT, and we are not able to recover the order ID and the mail which purchased the beacons.

The beacons identifier are:

  1. 56dbc6e561be6eb6fc26ce3b705f7e1e
  2. 83513d9328f2d14e8dfbeb5d14c59018

and my account email is:

Can you help me?