Error: This beacon does not belong to

The update to the estimote app released today allows to view temperature etc but requires a login to validate that a beacon belongs to a user.

However there are no details on how to designed a beacon is owned by you. I created an account with an email address that was used to place the order for the developer kit but i get an error "This beacon does not belong to ..."

Can you please clarify on how to do the association?

Ha Parag,

Thanks for reaching out and terribly sorry for the problem. It looks like some of the users were affected by an issue we've ran into while rolling out the update. We're working hard to fix it ASAP and give you access to all the awesome features we've included in the new firmware!

I just unpacked my brand new Estimotes, downloaded your app on my iPhone, tried them, register my email when asked and I got the same error... "This beacon does not belong to..."
I do not have any previous installation and I run into this problem... hope it can be solved soon... Is there any other try I have to make???

Hi Swarm,

Sorry for the issue. Please write us on providing your order ID, we will check your order and try to fix it immidiately.

Thanks for the quick fix Aga! I did encounter another issue as soon as i was able to connect to the beacon. Out of the six beacons i have, only 1 works. Looks like the rest of them drained battery. Can i replace?

Hi Parag,

Please check your inbox. I've just sent you an email regarding the issue with battery. Again, sorry for the issue and hope it helps!

Hello there, I´m having the same issue "This beacon does not belong to.." I have wrote to twice, appreciate if I got attention to this issue.


For some reason I cannot see your email. Just in case please write me directly on, I will be able to help. Thanks!

Hi Aga,
I have the same problem.

Me too =\

Do you have some prevision about this solution, i really need configure my beacons, even only the rssi and interval, and it´s important that i can do it in this week...
Please, answer to me in if necessary, thanks!

Betto, Richard,

Please refer to this article: and let me know if it helps!

Hello Community: The issue has been solved! Thank you Aga and thanks Estimote.

Hi Aga, this article does not help me, i can log in to beacons cloud app for ipad, but my beacons does not appears to my, i saw in the article that in some situations we can send email to you and estimote team can associate the beacons to a person that receive them by present, do you can solve this issue for by my order number?

Yes, Richard, I found your order. Please send me an email at providing your e-mail address that you would like to associate beacons to. Thanks!

Thank´s Aga for your help, great support, my problem was solved very fast :D

Richard, glad I could help! :)


We have the same problem. We wrote to using the link inside, but we have no reply.

Our order was not made with my mail, another person in my company bought the Estimotes few months ago. I have access to Estimote Cloud using his email account and I try to access Estimotes with his account, but no luck.



Thanks for reaching out. However, to contact us please use normally this email:

About your case feel free to write me directly, I will do my best to help you.

I changed my major and minors using an older version of the Estimote App. Now I noticed that the web and the iOS app major/minors do not match. Given this I am unable to claim my beacons and use the apps or update the firmware.
Please help.