Beacon does not belong to

i just unpacked my new estimote beacon and
try to register my beacon but
in my app shows( ios )
"Beacon does not belong to " message
so i can’t do anything in my app right now plz help :frowning:

Hi! Did you signed up with the same email address you used to purchased the beacons? The process of creating Estimote account is described righ here.

I bought this beacon in website korea
and i dont know about email when i buying this beacon
is there any other way i can re register my beacon

and yes my estimote cloud is same email this account

and i m sry about my bad english skill :frowning:

Please drop us a line at contact[at] No worries, we’ll fix the issue.


I 'm very appreciate with your kind answer,
i just solved this problem at purchasing office
it was my mistake and
thankyou ! :smile:

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Same here.

I already sent an email to contact[at]