Multiple polygons on a floorplan with arbitrary beacon locations

Hi all,
we are implementing indoor location for an IoT exhibition in a room, which has another box like room in the middle of itself. Is it possible to create a floor plan that is not described by just a single polygon?

The outer room can be described by a simple polygon and we can call the SDK’s method:
EILPoint(x: 0.00, y: 0.00),
EILPoint(x: 0.00, y: 14.07),
EILPoint(x: 15.82, y: 14.07),
EILPoint(x: 15.82, y: 0)])

However, is there a way to include the inner one in the floor plan as well?

Also, there are columns in the room where we would like to place some of our beacons. Normally, we would call locationBuilder.addBeacon(withIdentifier: “1d9bfa3769c45523af60488cbe176f23”,
atBoundarySegmentIndex: 1, inDistance: 5.07, from: .leftSide) to say that a beacon is placed on one of the floorplan’s walls. However, if the column is not a part of the walls, we have no way of expressing where it is placed.

I am including a sketch of the room where the exhibition is going to take its place.


Thank you for your help.

Hi Milan,

unfortunately, there is no way of adding inner walls to the location for now. It’s a problem that we are aware of and plan to add this to Indoor SDK.

Concerning your problem with columns, you can use the following method:

 - (void)addBeaconWithIdentifier:(NSString *)identifier
                   withPosition:(EILOrientedPoint *)position;

I hope this helps you.