Beacons inside location

I read on the blog that was published Jan 28 2016 saying it is possible to place beacons inside the location. And not just on the perimeter walls.
How to achieve it using SDK? I know it would just work with the light mode.
But how do we map a location and place beacons inside it and not just on the walls?

Hi akshay1188!

You can do it as you build the location with the location builder with addBeaconWithIdentifier:withPosition: method.

Okay yes. I didn’t see that. Thanks :slight_smile:

Are you deploying beacons & Indoor Location somewhere big? (:

Yes. We are developing a Master’s project and are testing beacons in a space that showcases all the projects of students in a ballroom sized indoor location.
We do not have many beacons to cover the entire room so we were giving a try with the ones we are having.

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In that case, what should be the ‘orientation’ of the EILOrientedPoint?
For the beacons, I am able to mark the x and y coordinate. But not sure what orientation I need to put in there.

Hi akshay1188!

Sorry for late response.
When you put the beacon inside location the same placement instructions should be applied. The best is to place it at chest height level, vertical with a “dot” up.
The orientation of the beacon is direction “from tape pointing in direction of dot”.

If this would be a bit unclear I will make a small picture visualizing it :slight_smile: