Error 2 when doing indoor location

Hi, we’re getting “Error 2” which is something akin to “Non simple polygon or beacons exist outside the location” when trying to setup an indoor location. Can anyone elaborate on what this error means? Are we not hugging the wall well enough?

Hi Josh,

If you have trouble setting up location using wizard there is a still hidden feature to possibly help you. On the error screen you can double-tap the turkey to see our best attempt to map your location. It should probably provide you some pointers to what went wrong.

Remember that you can also always setup a location programmatically using ESTLocationBuilder.

Let us know if that worked for you :smile:
Good luck!

Hi Marcin - we ended up going the programmatic route with ESTLocationBuilder, but thanks for the turkey tip!

Another question though - when defining points programmatically (with ESTLocation and ESTLocationBuilder) is calling [ESTLocationBuilder setOrientation:myOrientation] sufficient or is there a way to specify the orientation of all of the walls (I see that when reading information via JSON the wall orientation information is there, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to specify wall orientation programmatically). Thanks!

Hi Josh,

No problem, great it worked out :smile:

Regarding the orientation of the walls - since boundary segments are stored as separate objects (ESTOrientedLineSegment) to not force order of point 1 and point 2 orientation is used to differentiate between inside and outside. When building location with ESTLocationBuilder it is easy to tell what inside and outside is so we calculate the orientation of the boundary segments.

We store the orientation of the boundary segments for future compatibility - when joining locations (and dealing with “open” locations it would be harder to tell what is inside and outside.

Ok that makes sense. Something that confused me was that these calculated orientations weren’t stored in the dictionary that you can dump from the location builder. When comparing values in there with what was available from the JSON files, I was getting concerned my orientations weren’t getting set for the walls, which led to my questions. Can that get filed as a bug somewhere?

Thanks for the thoughts.
It’s not really a bug, cause after decomposition to boundary segments you have to store that information, but we will describe it better in documentation and getting started :slight_smile: