How to configure floor plan in app?

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Right now i am able configure the location which SDK provides using indoor app and it is for only one room.

Is there any API to handle an entire floor plans (like google maps) , if not, what do you suggest ?


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Any one help on this. I am waiting for long time.

Unfortunately, currently our Indoor Location only supports showing and running positioning updates in a single location at any given time. We’ll be adding support for multi-room and multi-level locations in the future.


I too did the same by configuring the location with indoor SDK by using Estimate indoor app and show users current position and trace, but my question is, I want to draw a route from one place to a particular point inside the same room and show navigation to it, can I do that?
If possible please can you guide me with the a sample code to do the same.
Thank you in advance.

Our Indoor Location doesn’t have ready-made navigation features at this time. You’d need to code this up from scratch, relying on the (x,y) position updates coming in from the Indoor SDK.

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Is it possible to add floor map image on top of ESTIndoorLocationView?

Thank you for your reply heypiotr

You can use the drawObjectInBackground method to lay out an image underneath the location’s shape.

Can I identify the nearest beacon from user location using the same indoor location SDK? if yes please put some sample code.

If you want to identify the nearest beacon, it’ll be better to use our “regular” SDK and do ranging.

Here’s the tutorial:

And you can also generate yourself an app in Estimote Cloud from the “Proximity Content” template, try it out, and take a look at its source code:

Is their any update in your SDK to provide entire floor map?

Hai Mohammed Ali,

                       I am Mohammed Ameen from India. If you dont mind, I am looking for a help. Please go through the details I am inserting below.

Dear Jakub Krzych ,

    Myself Mohammed Ameen, Network Engineer of Fastlane Information Technologies, hyderabad, India. We are going to involve in few projects which includes location based services using beacons. Initially we were working with Aruba beacons but later came to know about Estimote beacons and stickers. Finally, today we have received 3 boxes of beacons and 1 box of  stickers. The order was placed from the mail address of a friend in USA.

    I am writing this to get some help from you. I have created an account in Estimote cloud. Initially there was no devices in the cloud. Using Estimote app, I connected to all the 9 beacons and claimed them by sending mail from the app. But the problem is that, now I am able to see only 1 sticker out of the 10 stickers on my Estimote app. 9 beacons are successfully claimed and I am able to configure them through the cloud but the sticker which is seen on the app is not able to connect or claim. I want your help at this moment. I want you to help me solve the issue of the stickers that are not shown on the app and also with the connectivity issue of the single sticker that is shown on the app.

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Could you please help me with this ?

@maliyousaf, multi-room/multi-floor feature are partially supported in Indoor SDK - you can use startMonitoringForLocation method to figure out whether you are in or out particular position. More information you can find here:

@fastlane1, I guess that your message is not relevant to the topic. No worries, please private-message me in order to get further help with that issue. :slight_smile:

@edit: @fastlane1 Estimote team is now investigating your report. Stay tuned!

how to msg you privately ? I am seeing no option here. is my mail-id

Updated Link For Layout: drawObjectInBackground

Indoor Location Positioning for multi-room and multi-level is available now ?

Running positioning in multiple locations / floors is not a problem. For detecting which location you are in, you can use the monitoring function of Indoor Location Manager. This function lets you check whether you are inside or outside the location. This way, you can automatically run the positioning just for the location your user is really in and stop it once they exit the location giving the user the most accurate experience.

For multiple room locations (like museum floor) it is best to map the whole floor as one single location. If you need information about being inside specific room you can decide it based on reported (x,y)!

Hope this helps, if you have any other additional questions don’t hesitate to ask :slight_smile: